Waterproof Cases For iPhone 7 Plus – Review

Are you looking for the best waterproof cases for iPhone 7 plus? iPhone 7 Plus is dust, splash, and water-proof. You can also submerge your iPhone in water for few minutes in 1m depth. It becomes good enough for average users but what about those who want to measure the depth of seas?

If you don’t want to restrict yourself while making the most of your swimming and want the iPhone to witness all your joy or moves, then you should go for a waterproof case. If you want to ensure you can then get nothing less than the very best, we have picked the ten best contenders out there. Let’s dive down or scroll down to swim across the list…!

Waterproof Cases For iPhone 7 Plus:

  • JOTO
  • Punkcase StudStar Series
  • Lycase
  • Fansteck
  • LifeProof
  • NexCase
  • Effun
  • Vapesoon
  • Fansteck
  • Feagar
  • Tronoe
  • I-Blason
  • Yomole


OTBBA-Waterproof Cases For iPhone 7

If you want to indulge in some watersports such as snorkeling and scuba diving, then this OTBBA waterproof case is one of the best choices for your iPhone 7 Plus. The case also boasts IP68 standard waterproof, letting you dive 10 feet underwater for a few hours.

The case is also customized for your iPhone 7 Plus. With the help of it, you can easily access all the ports, features, controls, and buttons of your mobile. The multi-protection case can also endure drops from 6.5 feet of height.

Download: OTBBA


ORDTBY also brings an IP68 level waterproof assistance to safeguard your iPhone against water. Rather than water, this case can also secure your device from shock, snow, and dust. This weight of this case is only 1.7 ounce. Also, it can’t add any weight or bulk to your iPhone.

However, if your iPhone is covered with the case, you can then operate the finger ID function, buttons, speaker, sensors, and cameras. However, your iPhone protection also comes with 0 burdens. So, you just don’t miss that built-in screen guard.

Download: ORDTBY



Joto offers full security or safety to your iPhone 7 Plus. Joto is a universal waterproof case that can accommodate easily your iPhone and provide all-around security from water. Look at that lanyard to handle your mobile with a firm grip when you go underwater.

Rather than being waterproof, this case is dustproof or snowproof as well. You can also access your mobile touchscreen, as the case is touch-friendly. However, it means you can share emails or text and perform many other touch screen functions.

Download: JOTO

Punkcase StudStar Series

This waterproof case offers an elegant appearance. The case lets you enjoy your swimming without worried about your iPhone safety.

The solid exterior also makes it incredibly robust, which helps it endure shock or nasty fall. The slim design seems amazing on the phablet. The built-in screen protector also offers HD clarity. Moreover, StudStar waterproof case is available in seven different beautiful colors like light blue, black, pink, etc.

Download: Punkcase StudStar Series


Lycase-Waterproof Cases For iPhone 7

The pinkish case is also designed for female consumers of the iPhone 7 Plus. The case fulfills the standards of waterproof IP68 rating. However, the dual-layer advanced case also provides 360-degree protection as it meets the standard of MIL-STD-810G.

It not only protects your iPhone 7 Plus but also offers a 100% seal. However, the sensitive touchscreen and all side buttons of the mobile case make it quite easy to use.

Download: Lycase


Normally waterproof cases are thicker than many other cases. Also, Fansteck has made innovation here and designed nearly 50% thinner case than many other waterproof cases. However, it doesn’t mean Fansteck made compromises on security.

The brand takes 1000 tests to ensure no water leakage or damage during two hours 6.6 feet underwater. You can also take high-quality HD images and videos underwater as the case provides transparent back or front camera lens covers.

It fights against scratches or marks and offers a delicate touch screen protector with absolute clarity provides final touch screen protection. Also, the TPU layer makes Touch ID filigree. It’s rear or front camera panning points lets for brilliant, HD quality recordings and shots that are underwater. Ultra-thin body or ultralight with a strong structure.

Download: Fansteck



LifeProof is another leading brand that designs iPhones high-quality waterproof cases. However, the waterproof case is taken from the FRE series of LifeProof. This case also provides you full access to controls or buttons so that you can also sync or charge through the USB port.

You can just check that built-in scratch protector, which is invisible virtually to your touch or eyes. You can also submerge your device two meters underwater for 2 hours to check the case capacity. LifeProof also provides you a one-year limited warranty.

Download: LifeProof


If you are looking for a top-grade waterproof case at a cheap price, you must try OUNNE. The case provides a durable structure that can fight out the nasty bumps impact very easily. The protective outer shell also provides a better grip, making sure you feel relax or comfortable after holding the mobile in your palm.

The screen guard also offers crystal clarity and defends the screen against all marks or scratch. Rather than transparency, the screen protector is very flexible to the touch. Hence, you won’t have any issue while using 3D Touch on your mobile. As for buttons, they are very easy to operate.

Waterproof Cases For iPhone 7 Plus Download: OUNNE


NexCase-Waterproof Cases For iPhone 7

This iPhone 7 case has a sturdy profile. It is made up of TPU material or quality polycarbonate, it is no doubt very durable.

The dual-layer of construction is powerful enough to absorb shock and keep away marks. You can also add the IP68 waterproof standard, and you have a nice case that is capable of fighting against all sorts of shocks. Also, NexCase comes in 4 amazing color variants like blue, black, white, and also gorgeous pink.

Download: NexCase


This iPhone 7 plus waterproof case from Effun has you fully covered. It’s totally sealed, and certified by IP68.

The combination of a silicone material or hard plastic has strengthened its construction to survive accidental drops. With a smooth touchscreen, you can also use the device without any problem.

Rather than, Effun comes in 4 different colors like white, pink, and aqua blue. Also, it’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Waterproof Cases For iPhone 7 Plus Download: Effun



Vapesoon causes the connection of this hole to provide you comfort to view that your device is protected. It’s a very good-looking case, also if you’ve set it up together. Just forgive this case to anyone if you are in the market for searching waterproof enclosures and not! – Some of the windows for the jewelry port or cameras are well arranged.

Download: Vapesoon


This delicate waterproof mobile phone case is made to the right dimensions or size for the iPhone 7. It fits smoothly and can’t interfere with the buttons or other mobile work. The front of the waterproof iPhone 7 Plus case does not limit the screen affectability. Rather than everything, you get the best affectivity to do any of your exercises. Now you can use your unique fingerprint to open your mobile when using a waterproof case.

Download: Feagar


SharkCase also provides simplicity, style, helpful/high customer case numbers since the enterprise was founded. However, using solid products, imaginative, and warm customer relationships, SharkCase become the top-rated brand of mobile embellishments.



TRONOE-Waterproof Cases For iPhone 7

Go everywhere with TRONOE Waterproof Case and allow this waterproof case to become the umbrella of the iPhone. Without any hesitation, you can beat, cross boundaries, and overcome yourself. TRONOE Case – Despite the order, water, and snow, it offers the best protection if you want to. You will experience an excellent trip.

Download: TRONOE

I blason

Get momentum with the all-new latest I-Blason Waterproof Case for iPhone 7 Plus. This case keeps hard protection all in one verification, keeps working, waterproof design. Protect your gadget for a situation that is secure with substantial commitments to centralized inside pads that are quite similar to your gadget, while polycarbonate stuns the external shell when you want it most. This waterproof case provides you the security you want without the additional bulk. Access some of the buttons or ports on your device with completely available port openings when you want them.

Waterproof Cases For iPhone 7 Plus Download: I blason


The all-new new base speaker or microphone configuration provides the best sound. Also, the new fingerprint technology will reach to very effective, and immediately, the use encounter also improved. Touch-Affectibility worked in screen coverage provides a deeply tender touch or clearly show, you can also share beautiful snaps, recordings, and text, whether underwater or other circumstances. Ideal for swimming/diving/fishing and use day after day. It is best for iPhone 7 Plus. Not only is there waterproof protection, but you also safeguard your iPhone 7 or more from rain, earth, stunning, and snow.

Download: Yomole


The people who use all these cases can take photos and recordings using advanced mobile cameras and also play underwater. However, these underwater housings hold the screen pressure and the device that can also be caused by the water weight. The best part of these cases has a robust gasket or bolt frames and also virtual buttons and consoles to provides the customer with full device control.

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