Way To Add Outlook Calendar to Your Android

Add outlook calendar

The benefit of using and to add your Outlook calendar is that they can manage your appointments. You can also add  Outlook Calendar. They provide you the complete facility of managing your appointments. It also helps you to remember all the events. You can use this in different ways. Here are some of the ways to set up an Outlook calendar on your android device.

Tip 1: To Import from the  Google Account:

If you want to use the Add outlook calendar with a Google account you have to sync that account first.  Due to this, you can also publish your Outlook Calendar with the internet. The published calendar will be displayed on your google account.  Some of the devices allow you and some of them don’t allow you it depends upon setup. The advantage of this technique is that you don’t have to allow your device to include the company policies. The disadvantage is that you can not add or edit items it also takes a long time to update. Outlook 365  allow this capability. Here are some steps which help you to import the google account.

  • Open the Home tab of your outlook calendar. Click on the Publish Online option and then click on the  Publish this Calendar option.
  • If you want to proceed further then you will be able to follow these settings.
  • Now manage the Access level to the Public so that it can also access by the public.
  • Select the Start publishing option.
  • After that copy the link to subscribe to this calendar.
  • This link is needed in the next series of steps.
  • After that Login to your Google Calendar.
  • Now select the arrow Other calendars available on the left side of the screen.
  • Then click on the Add by URL option.
  • Now Paste the Link link to subscribe to this calendar in the URL option.
  • And then select the Add Calendar option.
  • Now your google  Outlook Calendar is added to your Google account.
  • You will now sync with your Android device to access this calendar.

Tip 2: To Sync the Exchange Server:

If you are working in the corporate environment. It is possible that your System Admin allows you to sync your device with the Exchange server. This will help you to sync your Email, Calendar, and Contacts.   The advantage of using the exchange server is that You can easily edit, add, and create items on your calendar.  You can do it with your android device which helps you to sync with your exchange server. The disadvantage of using the exchange server is that the System Admin may take control over your android device. And forces you to maintain specific policies, including a difficult password. You can also configure your  Email app using  some of these steps:

  • Open the Email app.
  • The options you will be seen will be different on each device. Using the wizard and fill in the exact information. If the wizard of setting up your email doesn’t appear on your screen. Open the Menu option and then move to the settings. Now click on the Add Account option. Select the  Manual setup option. If you don’t have specific information, you may need help from the System Admin.
  • After setting the configuration you will now be able to view and edit your Outlook Calendar. And now you will synchronize between your device and server.

Tip 3  To use local USB synchronization:

If you don’t want to synchronize your account on the network. Now you can also use a third-party app to transfer data by using the  USB cable. The advantage is that there is two-way communication between your device and the outlook app. There are no servers involved in the synchronization process. The disadvantage is that you should remember to connect your device and synchronize it on daily basis.  It requires a little bit of configuring.

Tip 4  To use Outlook App For Android

Microsoft launches the  Outlook app for Android users. You can synchronize your Outlook calendar. Every enterprise environment will not support using this app. If your Calendar uses the outlook services, this app is really good in usage.

So these are the 4 tips that help you to set up the outlook calendar for your android devices.

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Add outlook calendar Conclusion:

Outlook Calendar provides you the complete facility of managing your appointments. It also helps you to remember all the events. The benefit of using and to add your Outlook calendar is that they can manage your appointments

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