Way to Add Signatures For Text Messages in Android

Do you like to have an automatic signature on your text messages? Well, I really like to have an automatic signature on my text messages. In order to know the way to add signatures to your text messages so then, you have to just follow the following guide.

However, Communication is the most important component of today’s smartphones. Whilst our devices also have become too much strong than ever. Similarly, becoming the source for fun, navigation, info, and also further. Communication is still at the vanguard of what we use our phones for the most. If it is taking a call, simply by using Google Duo or Skype for viewing a loved one’s face, and also sending a disposable photo via Snapchat. Or utilizing lots of instant messaging services on our web-connected devices.

So we use our smartphones for communication each and every single day of our lives. And whilst many have moved onto exclusive chat services. Though nothing more is there universal than sending a text message over SMS. Moreover the standard for messaging probably be mellowing. But it is still one of the most dependable methods for sending a message to someone, though of their phone or operating system.Way to Add Signatures

Way to Add Signatures For Text Messages in Android

However, SMS is not able to hold up to platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger that doesn’t mean there are not some options for adding some capacity to your messages. Whilst augmenting and also including the emoji to your text can be the perfect way to cheer up a basic text message. Also using stickers, GIFs, and further fun photos and videos are able to also support communication with your friends and family members. Occasionally you have something a little more professional. Similarly, signatures within text messages are also able to help add contact and work info for your colleagues or clients for replying to you. Or you are able to use them to personalize messages with a special meaning. Although by using song lyrics or further content to cheer up your messages.

Similarly, using the signatures in text messages also have been famous after all the days of flip phones and QWERTY keyboards. But with today’s smartphones, you probably not know the way to add signatures to your phone. Lots of applications also have removed signatures from current updates. Though that probably makes it a little handy to find out the way to turn it on and also set a signature of your selection. Fortunately, Android is the platform of choice, and also it is simple to choose an application. However, which will simply permit you to set signatures, show names, also add contact information, and furthermore. So now let’s take a view in the way to add a signature to text messages in Android.

Does My Messaging Application Contain Signatures?

Acceptance of smartphones that have chiefly led to a steady phase-out of signatures in most messages outside of email. Similarly, where the signatures still support to offer context about the person emailing you. However, because most users no longer also have a requirement for signatures in text messages. Simply some enhancers also have come to the summary that they no longer have to add signatures within the application. Though the Samsung,, start deleting the option for adding a signature to a message in 2016 with the Galaxy S7. And also no longer gives the option within the settings menu for the application. Exact goes for Android Messages, the default Google texting application for Project Fi, and also the Pixel devices. That has prevented including the option occasionally in 2017.Way to Add Signatures

But because the default messaging application for your device lacks the option. Adding a signature to your phone does not mean that you have to reject signatures in texts. However, guys as you may that lots of third and first-party applications alike still have the capability to add a signature to the bottom of your text messages. Like Verizon Message+, a popular SMS and also the messaging app added by default on most Verizon devices managing Android. Simply adds the option in order to add a signature to your messages. Though, whilst that application is also present for both Verizon and also the non-Verizon users alike. We don’t think that it’s the cream of the crop simply when it comes to perfect SMS applications on Android.

Version of Android Messages

That honor is given to Textra, it is the most popular third-party alternative from the enhancer Delicious. Similarly, just with Textra, not only can you launch almost every aspect of the user interface from theme color to emoji appearance. But you are able to also use signatures on your SMS messages without any problem. Although in many ways, Textra is like the more launchable version of Android Messages. Similarly, just by using a similar design whilst permitting for dozens of additional features and also the settings within the customization menu. Guys! We have written about the application at great length in other cases, and also this one is no different: Whether you like to use signatures within your text messages on Android. Hence Textra is the best choice for communication.

Using Textra for Signatures

However, establishing a signature on Textra is simple. And whether you have used Android Messages before, you will likely feel at home as soon as you start up the application. At a time when you have downloaded the application from the Play Store here. And you have permitted Textra in order to finish the setup method on your device. So you will be greeted with the conversation screen inside the application. In the upper-right hand corner of the display. Here you will search the triple-dotted menu icon for opening the context menu in Textra. Click on this, they must click Settings to obtain access to the complete menu.

At times when inside the Settings menu in Textra, you have to must drop down via the main menu till you search the Sending category; it is the fourth down. Whilst several options are also under this category, the third selection, “Signatures,” permits you to load the Signatures menu inside of Textra.Way to Add Signatures

Blank screen.

However, firstly when you load this menu, so then you will view a blank screen. Simply which lacks any sort of signature to start. So you will have to add a signature to your list to get started simply by clicking on the floating action button in the lower right-hand corner of the display. Thus this will load an empty box, with that you are also able to input a new signature into the application.Way to Add Signatures

“Add Signature”

Although when you have entered your signature and also you have hit Okay on the box. So then you will see the blank screen from before now feature two recent options. Firstly, at the top of the box, you will be able to view a toggle for “Add Signature,”. Similarly, which permits you to turn on and also turn off your signature is included in messages within the application. You are easily able to turn this on and off as needed. For stoping you from having to regularly reenter your signatures after removing them to disable them.

Another option is the capability for selecting a signature from the list. So you will see the first sign that you created to populate this list alone for the time being. Although at the right of each entry, there is a small triple-dotted menu icon. That is able to permit you to either convert or delete a specific signature. However, by adding a second signature by using the floating action button at the bottom of the screen. Here you’ll view why this option exists: at a time when you’ve added a second signature, you are able to easily select between the two at will by choosing the dot along the left side of the display.

And when you have completed entering your signature into the menu. You are then able to return to the conversation screen. Heading up a thread or a new message box will display a slightly different input box than normal. Beneath the entry field for your text, you will find the signature that you select for your text messages below this field. However, after you send your message, so then the signature will instinctively be added to the end of the text.

Last Decade

Just one caution is there, undoubtedly. Unlike some previous phones from the last decade, Textra likes to add your signature to the right of the message rather than directly below. Similarly, this is solvable simply by either hitting enter on your keyboard before sending the message, or by hitting enter inside of your signature before inputting it. Similarly, we suggest doing the latter, after all, hitting enter on each message can be pretty frustrating overall.


Textra is within limits from the just app, however, which has the capability in order to add signatures to your text messages. Similarly, even as a further app, adding the previously explained Android Messages and also the Samsung Messages continue in order to clear the signatures feature from their app. Always other third-party SMS offerings are there on the Play Store to select from.

Similarly, the Chomp SMS is an example, although assuming that it is a previous application simply by the same enhancer as Textra. However, anyone who does not like Textra will likely desire to skip this application. Go SMS Pro still has help for signatures in their settings as of writing, also and the themes that are present to Go SMS users make it one of the most launchable on the market today. Although even whether it is not quite as efficient as Textra’s further recent interface. And Verizon Messages, as described, is also an option for utilizers looking to use a signature. However, it was not our cup of tea, at 4.6 stars on the Play Store, it is liked by its utilizers.

SMS applications

Whether you are utilizing various SMS applications than one of the ones described here. So then you are also able to dive into the settings of that respective application for seeing. Whether the signatures option is somewhere in those settings listed. Similarly, the Android does not use a global signature option, so whether your SMS app also has the capability for utilizing the signatures. Simply here you’ll find it in the respective settings of each app.Way to Add Signatures

Well, guys! You are also able to select to use the shortcut process within your keyboard app. Simply by diving into the settings of your keyboard application. However, you are also able to add a shortcut which is able to make it much easier. To convert a piece of text to various words or phrases. For instance, you can select the word “signature” to become your complete signature when you type it. However, you are able to also pick and select when it appears. And you are able to also add it to the texting application of your choice. Thus this workaround is best whether you like to stick with the messaging app you already use. But can’t use signatures within the app.

Why we love Textra’s Signature ability

Furthermore, the purpose that we love Textra’s signature ability too much is because of the elasticity of selecting a signature. After all, it also has the option to easily turn on and also turn off the signatures at the flip of a switch. Plus the option for holding various signatures without a character restriction. So then it becomes one of the best implementations of signatures that we have seen on Android. However, that doesn’t make it the best option on the platform. Definitely but when various major messaging applications also have been steadily removing signatures from their messaging apps, it’s much essential to note when an app does it right.

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However, signatures do not look to have a character restriction in Textra. Or at least, do not seem to have one which is standing in the way of us inputting whatever text we liked into the field. In order to add a signature to your text messages. So then, you have to just follow the above-mentioned guide. Alright, I hope that you will like this guide. In case of queries, you can ask us in the comments section below.

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