Way to Fix the Error “iTunes Connection to the iPhone was Reset”

iTunes eject a variety of errors like 3194, 1016, 4004, and further. Similarly, one of these is a “connection reset” error that many people face. And when you are trying to sync your iPhone to iTunes (via USB). The iTunes will randomly display an error message and stop the sync. However, the error message reads: “The iPhone could not sync. Because the connection to the iPhone was reset.” How you can fix this? In order to remove the” iTunes Connection to the iPhone was Reset ” error, you have to try various methods because the problem may due to any of these. So here are some of the methods that you can try to remove this error from iTunes.

iTunes Connection to the iPhone was Reset

Fixing the “iTunes’s Connection to the iPhone was Reset” Error


Although many a time such easy and even simple tricks work in solving a fascinating/intriguing problem. Consequently, I will give you suggestions to unplug your iOS device, quit iTunes. So then restart both your smartphone and PC. Then, try to sync your iPhone to the PC again.

Try Turning the Cable

Although one of the first things that you have to try is receiving a recent USB cable. So then most of the time, the simple problems with the cable are also able to lead to a connection reset.

You will not know this obviously, but one symptom of a cable problem is irregular problems. When charging the iPhone from a wall charger by using the same cable. Although whether the iPhone or iPad randomly stops charging (only to resume again shortly). There is something going incorrect with the cable.

Turn the Port

However, now you could also try converting the port to which the USB cable is connected. Whether you are using a hub, try connecting the iPhone cable directly to the PC/Mac. So occasionally electrical/circuit issues at the USB port are able to reset the connection between the device and the computer.

Reset Sync History-“iTunes Connection to the iPhone was Reset”

Similarly, within iTunes, a Reset Sync History button is also under Device Preferences. It is known to fix the connection-reset problem for many users. In order to reset sync history correctly, here is what you have to perform:

  • First of all, you have to disconnect any iOS device connected to the PC
  • Head to the iTunes
  • Tap the Edit and then on Preferences
  • Click the Devices tab
  • Now tap on the Reset Sync History button
  • Here you have to quit iTunes
  • Now, reconnect your iOS device and allow iTunes to sync the device

However, whether you are lucky, only resetting the sync history will solve your problem. Simply the iTunes will sync your iOS device without throwing the connection reset error.

And occasionally this works perfectly but sometimes, this works randomly and only occasionally. In that case, try to remove the lockdown folder.

Remove the Lockdown Folder to Reset It

At this place you have to lockdown folder is a protected folder on your PC. That have temp data (mostly about syncing). Similarly, removing this folder (or the contents of this folder) will reset the lockdown folder (which is accessed by iTunes). Here is the way to reset the lockdown folder:

Now you should disconnect the iPhone and quit iTunes fully before taking a start.

On a Mac:

From the Finder, tap on Go → Go to Folder

  • Here you should type /var/db/lockdown
  • Click on View → as Icons to see some files
  • Now choose all of them and then remove (move to trash). Similarly, don’t delete the lockdown folder itself. Here you are only required to remove the files within the lockdown folder.

On Windows:

  • So on Windows 8, tap the magnifying glass (search). On Windows 7, click on Start. On Win XP, click on Start and then click Run
  • Simply now type %ProgramData%
  • Open the folder named Apple
  • Now remove the Lockdown folder (you need to sign in as the administrator).

Moreover, after removing the lockdown folder, you have to fire up iTunes, connect the iPhone. Then examine in order to view whether the device syncs without an issue.

Update iTunes and iOS Device

Confirm you have the current version of iTunes installed on your PC. So then the old version of iTunes probably be playing the spoil-sport. Therefore, upgrade it.

Is your iPhone running the latest version of iOS? No. It is better to update it as the software update can fix a number of existing bugs and problems.

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“iTunes Connection to the iPhone was Reset”-Conclusion

Well, we are hopeful that these tricks are also able to fix your issue. It is not the biggest problem and can easily resolve by the tricks mention above. Let us know if these methods help you resolve the problem.

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