Way to Make Sense of Mac Keyboard Symbols

Mac Keyboard SymbolsEvermore wondered that what those Mac keyboard symbols mean & what they also translate to? However, you guys also view them on many Mac keyboards and on enormous keyboard shortcut lists, which seem like strange glyphs (⌥), shapes (⇪), & bugs sploshed on windshields (⌘). They are also able to justly confusing, that is why we always try to manually write out the key itself. Simply using the name of the key is becoming typical on recent Apple keyboards. But many pre-2011 Macs also have keyboard symbols on keys. And with really previous Macs you get all symbols with no labels. In addition to you will find the symbols in scroll-down menus all around OS X. Though what the heck are they in simple English? That’s what we are heading in order to learn, first let’s cover the basics that you will commonly view in walkthroughs, menu items, and elsewhere.

Make Sense of Mac Keyboard Symbols

⌘ is the Command () key

⌃ is the Control key

⌥ is the Option (alt) key

⇧ is the Shift key

⇪ is the Caps Lock key

fn is the Function key

Now you guys must know, but whether the symbols perplex you, do not feel too bad about it. I have just been using Macs since when I was a little kid & the Option and Control key symbols also have mostly confused me to the point where I will forget which each is, and that is precisely why Apple is moderately moving to the labeled keys in spite of the symbol keys. Simple is the best.

Well, Guys! The standard keyboard symbols you will encounter on most Mac & Apple keyboards are as follows.

Furthermore, the above-mentioned list is the ordinary keyboard symbol for most keyboard shortcuts. However, below is a more complete list of some of the symbols that visible elsewhere in menus & the keys they map to. Grateful to Lri for posting these secondary symbols in the comments.

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Full Keyboard Symbol List:
⌘ is command
⌥ is option
⌃ is control
⇧ is shift
⇪ are caps lock
← is left arrow
→ is right arrow
↑ is up arrow
↓ is down arrow
⇥ is tab
⇤ is backtab
↩is return
⌤ is enter
⌫ is delete
⌦ is forward delete
⇞ is page up
⇟ is page down
Mac Keyboard Symbolsis home
↘is end
⌧ is clear
␣ is space
⎋ is escape
⏏is eject

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The Mac Menu Symbols and Keyboard Symbols Explained

Whether you guys are new to the Mac or Apple platforms, so than learning the menu keyboard symbols that appear in the menus & on some keyboard keys, are also able to be a bit daunting. However, it’s not so complicated, & also knowing that what the Apple keyboard symbols mean. And what keys they signify to access the function is necessary for accessing different shortcuts throughout Mac OS X & iOS. Not just perform the Mac menus also use the symbol abbreviation as seen in the screenshot. But guys many websites will indicate the symbol in spite of the text printed on the keys (⌥ instead of Option, for example).

Remembering that here are the Mac menu symbols, & Apple keyboard symbols as translated to the keys they signify:

Mac and Apple Menu Symbols & the Related Keyboard Symbols

Well, Guys! The three symbols that you will find most often in menu items on the Mac. And iOS are control, shift, command, occasionally you probably see others as well. Generally, the full menu symbol list & their associated key is as such:Mac Keyboard Symbols

Though this is the complete list in text form, remember these symbols only display accurately on a Mac:

• ⌘ = Command (sometimes displayed as  an Apple logo)
• ⇧ = Shift
• ⌫ = Backspace/Delete
• ⇪ = Caps lock
• ⌥ = Option/Alt
• ⌃ = Control
• ⎋ = Escape
• ←↑→↓ = Arrow Keys
• ↩= Return

Indication towards the graphic at the top whether you guys are recently on a Windows machine or Android, just as the above symbols sometimes only contribute on Mac and Apple devices.

Though guys this little hand cheatsheet which is mentioned below can also be printed out. Whether you like to access & also reference the Apple keyboard symbol explanations often. Tap the image below in order to organize a large version into a new window simply to print or indicates to as required.

Well, You have to remember that the keyboard symbols probably look a little different. And also be labeled differently relying on the keyboard layout & region the Apple keyboard comes from, especially the age of the keyboard itself, but though all of the keys functions are exact. You will also experience these symbols throughout the operating systems, in menu items & elsewhere.Mac Keyboard Symbols

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Mac Keyboard Symbols- Conclusion

Well, I hope that you guys like the guide if you have any queries so then you can also ask us in the comments section below.

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