Way to Print Screen on a Mac: Tutorial Guide

Print ScreenWhat is “Print Screen” called in the Windows world is known as the screen captures or screenshots in Mac OS X. You have may notice that there is no ‘Print Screen’ button on a Mac keyboard. This is to clarify the keyboard. And also because it’s just unessential. On the Mac, rather than hitting a “Print Screen” button. You will hit one of several keyboard combination shortcuts. In order to perform a proper action, hanging on the same screen capture action you like taken. However, this is both simpler and also too much strong, provided that ultimately six unique options are there to perform variations of the screen print on Mac.

Print Screen to a File on the Desktop in Mac OS X

The main working of taking a screen shot of a window or desktop in Mac OS X. Similarly, that takes a full image capture of the desktop and all also head to the windows and also running applications and dumps it to a unique file on the Mac desktop. However, each keyboard shortcut will also use the pressing of the Command and also Shift keys simultaneously as the basis for execution. Simply followed by a number or another key:

  • Command+Shift+3: These keys help you to take a screenshot of the full screen (or screens whether multiple monitors), and save it as a file to the desktop
  • Command+Shift+4: These keys brings up a selection box so you are also able to specify an area to take a screenshot of, then save it as a file to the desktop
  • Command+Shift+4, then spacebar, then click a window: It helps you to takes a screenshot of a window just and saves it as a file to the desktop

Because this speaks to effectively ‘prints’ the screen to the desktop as a unique file also has the screen capture. It deletes the unessential step of having in order to paste the screen shot into another app. And then save it manually. Whether you’d rather not save the file to the desktop, however. You are also able to have it copied to the clipboard instead, which is able to also then paste elsewhere just like what occurs in the Windows world.

Print Screen to the Clipboard on a Mac

Similarly, saving the captured image directly to the clipboard functions much more such as the Print Screen feature in the Windows world. Whether you like to do the Mac equivalent of Print Screen, simply storing the image in the clipboard. So that you are able to also paste it into another application or document. However, these are the commands that you would want to use rather:

  • Command+Control+Shift+3: These helps you to take a screenshot of the entire screen, and also saves it directly to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere
  • Command+Control+Shift+4, then select an area: This helps to takes a screenshot of the selection by utilizing the rectangular drawing box. And saves it to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere
  • Command+Control+Shift+4, then space, then click a window: takes a screenshot of a window as specified simply by the hanging snapshot cursor, and also saves that capture to the clipboard for pasting

Keep in mind that the Command key on some previous Mac keyboards has an Apple logo on it like this . But recent Mac keyboards will simply say ‘command’ on them along with the. However, the command key is also adjusted next to the spacebar. Here is what the initial Print Screen equivalent seems as, on a standard Apple keyboard, all keys in red should be pressed concurrently:

Rectangular drawn box

Similarly, one final thing which you must have to note here involves multiple monitors; screenshots that aim to copy the entire screen will copy all screens. Whether the Mac is using multiple displays. So that does not apply to the rectangular drawn box procedure. Or in order to select a shot of a specific window in spite of the complete screen.

So again, re-emphasizing the shortcut keys: Command+Shift+3 will print the screen to a file on the Mac desktop. Whilst Command+Control+Shift+3 will also print the screen simply to the clipboard such as the Windows function works. Remember the difference between the two, and also use that works perfectly for you.

Mac platform

However, this article really aims at intruders to the Mac platform. Specifically, those that are migrating over from the Windows world. So it is not unusual in order to hear people ask “Why is there no Print Screen button for Mac?”. But the answer is simply which is the Mac provides more strong options that go far beyond. Only pressing a single button on a keyboard. In spite of the terminology of ‘printing the screen’ being born from the Windows PC world.

Technically mislabeled

It does still apply to Mac OS even whether it’s technically mislabeled. But with too many people switching to new Mac’s its no wonder the terminology is still widespread. However, the best news is once you learn the way to perform the print screen equivalent. By capturing the desktop with a keystroke, they quickly understand. That, why there is not a need to complexed the keyboard with unessential buttons. Additionally get to experience the benefits of just having further options. And also control over what ends up being saved and how.

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