Way to Reset Mac to Factory Settings: Tutorial Guide

Way to Reset MacWell, guys, this tutorial walks through entirely the way to reset & also restore a Mac simply to real factory settings. However, resetting a Mac just to factory settings includes deleting the Mac hard drive & then reinstalling macOS or the Mac OS X system software just onto the PC. Though the result is simply that all personal data will be erased from the PC thoroughly & a fresh reset the real version of Mac OS system software will be installed on the PC. So then just like the PC was recent and also the way it produces. Simply from the factory again (a factory reset). In this guide, you will learn the way to Reset Mac to Factory Settings.

However, this reset & restore procedure is exact with each and every Mac PC out there. So involving iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, & Mac Pro, seeing as the Mac is managing a somewhat recent version of Mac OS system software with recovery mode support. You are also able to perform similar actions as explained here from a boot USB disk whether you have one.

Remember that the variation between a reset of the Mac & also a straightforward reinstall of system software: also a true factory reset of a Mac as we will display here, simply is that the PC is removed cleanly of any & all data completely. And then a recent factory installation of Mac OS X system software also install on the PC. However, the primarily remove & data removal method is how this initial differs from simply reinstalling OS X system software on the Mac just without formatting the Mac in order to start with. That would continue files & also applications and utilizer data. Whereas the factory reset thoroughly clears everything & starts fresh.


However, this will thoroughly remove everything on the Mac. Though no personal files will endure, no applications, nothing, the Mac will also be thoroughly formatted and removed clear, & then the just thing left will be the factory reset stock version of macOS or also the Mac OS X system software, only as to whether the Mac was recent.

Make sure you backup any & all personal files & also the data which you care about before beginning this method. Whether you do not back up your personal data & also those files they will be forever lost as this method removes the Mac & also resets the PC just to factory default settings. So guys you do not skip backups of your thing!

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Factory Reset Mac OS X to Real Default Factory Settings

Whether you like to thoroughly remove the Mac & also get a factory reset Mac OS X version which is blank & back to juts default settings as to whether the PC was new, this is the method to achieve that. Though this will reset Mac to the factory default version of Mac OS X on the PC. Similarly, each and everything else will be cleared in the process.


  • First of all, you have to restart the Mac & then right after the boot chime sound. Now hold down the COMMAND + R keys all together in order to start into Recovery Mode
  • At a time in Recovery Mode & at the “macOS Utilities” (or “OS X Utilities”) screen, you must have to choose the “Disk Utility”
  • Select “Macintosh HD”. Then select the “Erase” button
  • Select a name for the removed drive, such as ‘Macintosh HD’. And then next to “Format” you have to now pull the scroll down menu. In order to choose “OS X Extended (Journaled)”. Next tap on “Erase” when you are ready in order to completely clear the Mac – Erasing means each. And everything will be Cleared
  • At a time when the drive has completed erasing everything, so then quit out of Disk Utility simply to return to the initial “Mac OS Utilities” screen however, which we have started on
  • Though then comes the fresh factory installation of the Mac OS X. So then you guys have to select “Install Mac OS” from the menu and tap Continue
  • Now select “Macintosh HD” (however, the target Mac drive name simply from step 4). Similarly, from the list and click on “Install” in order to start installing a fresh factory version of Mac system software.

That’s now complete!


However, the Mac will complete installing Mac OS X just onto the PC. And when completed it will restart automatically simply into the fresh factory reset version of everything. Though whether you are offering the PC away or also selling it. Or on the other hand, transferring ownership, so then you will likely not like to fill out any of the setup details. Simply rather than when the Mac also has completed the factory reset. So then you will also like to just shut it down. And allow the new possessor to take over. Otherwise, whether you are setting it up yourself, head to it and go through the initial setup procedure. So then it will be only like it was when the Mac was new, needing the setup of the utilizer account & system software, organizing as a clean slate of factory default settings.

Though now no personal data will stand on the Mac, no applications, no files, and nothing. Because it is completely clean of all data. Then a fresh factory version of Mac OS X system software also has installed.

However, this is not a changeable process. That’s why it is too essential that any personal data you like to save was back up first.

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Well, I hope that you will like the guide. In case of any issues or have questions you can ask us in the comments section below.

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