Way to Send Voice Messages on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Send Voice Messages As all of us send messages & also make phone calls in order to communicate. But, what whether you like to share something with a friend, family member. Or even a coworker just in spoken words that they are able to also save? In this guide, you will learn the way to Send Voice Messages on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

For instance, probably be it is your toddler who’s just starting in order to talk, a direct quote just from an essential interview. Or only a heartfelt text that you like your recipient to basically hearing purpose.

However, for things like this, and so furthermore, you guys are also able to send a voice message. Well, guys, you are also able to easily record your own words or those of another, & send them through text that the other person is also able to save. Here is the way to send voice messages on iPhone, iPad, & Mac.

Send voice messages with the Message application

The first, quickest, &| most clear way in order to send voice messages is directly from the Message application.

  • First of all, you have to head to a message just to your recipient.
  • Here you should click & hold the microphone icon just to record your message. And release when you guys are complete (iOS) or tap in order to start and prevent recording (Mac).
  • Click the Send button at the time when you complete.

Important note: Just on sending voice text messages in this way is that they will disappear just after your recipient listens to them. So, you guys probably to remind them to click the Keep option below the audio message just to save it.

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Send voice messages with the Voice Memos application

However, another method in order to send a voice message is simply with the Voice Memos application. Whether you guys are also doing this on your Mac. So then you will have the recent macOS version Mojave that is when this application made its way onto Mac.

  • First of all, you have to head to the Voice Memos application on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
  • Now hit the record button, here record your message, and then simply hit the record button once more (iOS) or tap the Done (Mac) in order to stop recording.
  • Simply sharing the text message just by clicking the More (three-dot icon) button & then Share (iOS) or the Sharing button (Mac).
  • Now you just have to choose the Message(s) and then when the Message application opens, simply enter your recipient & send it.

Although the nice thing just about using the Voice Memos application in order to make. And also share your message is that you guys are also able to take your time with it, and have it saved within the application for yourself too.

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Many examples are there simply when recording & also sharing the voice text messages is the best idea. And, whether you have never tried it before, also offer it a go & let us know whether you have trouble with it.

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