Way to Slide to Unlock on iOS 10: Tutorial Guide

Slide to UnlockWhat comes up with Slide to Unlock in iOS 10? Whether you have updated to iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad, though you have undoubtedly noticed that one of the most forthwith noticeable conversions; slide to unlock no longer works. Rather whether you guys slide right on the lock screen of iOS 10 you finish in the widgets screen. Similarly, replacing that prior familiar gesture is a new Press Home in order to Unlock the maneuver.

Though Press Home for Unlocking move means that you basically are pressing on the Home button in order to trigger the passcode entry screen or Touch ID. So guys you do not press too long however,  on the other hand, you will also enable Siri. Whether you guys mess it up & also end up with Siri half the time, so then welcome to the club. But there is a nice small trick hidden in the Settings that can easily improve the lock screen experience in iOS 10, & that is to turn off the “Press Home to Unlock” feature. By using the “Press Home to Unlock” turned off. So then you will just have to rest your finger on the Home button instead of basically pressing it down.

Furthermore, and let’s be clear about something that; there is no way to get Slide-to-Unlock back in iOS 10. Except Apple reverses this or also it makes a change elsewhere to a future iOS update, that is the way it is.

Disable “Press Home to Unlock” in iOS 10 Lock Screen

The capability to rest a finger simply to unlock the iOS devices is an option just available on Touch ID equipped iPhone & also the iPad hardware with the new iOS release. Though here is where to search the setting option:

  • First of all, you have to head to the “Settings” app & go to “General” and next to “Accessibility”
  • Select the “Home Button”
  • Now you have to locate the setting for “Rest Finger to Open” & toggle this to the ON position

However, this turns off the Press Home to Unlock & rather turns it into a Rest Finger to Unlock function. Just like how utilizing the Touch ID in order to unlock an iPhone or iPad worked in old iOS releases.

Remember that whether you like to trigger the passcode entry prompt in spite of Touch ID. You will either have to place an unidentified finger on the Home Button. Or in order to press it down on a non-Touch ID device. However, guys another trick is to press it with a fingernail just to avoid the Touch ID recognition.

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How I able to re-enable Slide to Unlock in iOS 10?

Well, As we have mentioned before, that the slide to unlock gesture is not possible to turn on in iOS 10. It is gone. Though it is possible that a future iOS version will permit the Slide-to-Unlock gesture simply to return. But for now, it appears to be deleted permanently.

However, the deletion of the long-familiar slide-to-unlock gesture is justly controversial provided. That it also has been the method in order to unlock an iPhone after all the devices origin. And also some users probably prefer the previous way, and some probably prefer the recent way. At a time when you guys get accustoming to the Press Home in order to Unlock feature so it also works pretty well for most users. And the current lock screen is maybe even one of the amazing features of iOS 10 thanks to the widget screen & also quick camera access. However, turning off the Press Home & also using the rest-finger-to-unlock option outlined above probably be preferential to some. Sayonara slide-to-unlock, & say hello to Press Home to Unlock.

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