Way to Transfer Photos from Windows PC to iPhone or iPad

Transfer PhotosDo you like to transfer photos/images that are saved on your Windows PC to an iPhone or iPad? However, Many of us capture/catch some memorable photos by using a professional camera & then save them on the PC for later use. But whether you guys like to access them on your mobile device. So then you will have to first move them to your iPhone or iPad just by using iTunes for Windows.

Though Apple’s iTunes is a media & device management software that is used to easily sync content with iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch as well simply using the wired or wireless connection. It is something Computer Apple utilizers have gotten accustomed simply to overtime. However, the application also phases out on the Mac.

Well, Guys! Here is a question that Are you interested in figuring out the way to sync photos from Windows to iPhone or iPad works. So you are also able to try it for yourself on your iOS device? Superb, because in this article, we will be discussing exactly the way. In which you guys are able to straightforwardly transfer the photos. Simply from Windows PC just to your iPhone or iPad.

Keep in mind this is transferring photos from a Windows PC to an iPhone or iPad, not the further way around. Whether you like to learn the way to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10 for PC you guys are also able to read that here. Which uses a various method that does not need iTunes.

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Transfer Photos from Windows PC to iPhone or iPad by Using iTunes

Whether you have not synced your device simply with iTunes before, so then you guys won’t be able to take benefit of the iTunes Wi-Fi sync feature & rather depend on a wired connection. Firstly, you should make sure that you’ve installed the latest version of iTunes on your PC. Before moving ahead with the method. Just without more ado, so guys let’s take a look at the essential steps.

  • First of all, you should connect the iPhone or iPad just to your Windows PC. By using the include USB to Lightning cable & head to the “iTunes” on your PC.
  • Tap on the iPhone or iPad icon, adjust right next to the Music tab as displayed in the screenshot below.
  • Here you guys must head over to the “Photos” section underneath the Settings in the left pane. And check the box right next to “Sync Photos”.
  • Now you will notice that iTunes shows a folder that it copies photos from. Whether your photos do not save in that location. Simply you must tap on the folder name and choose the “Choose folder”. This action will open Windows Explorer.
  • Now you should choose the location where the photos you like to transfer save and tap “Select Folder”. Now, simply you should tap “Apply” in iTunes as shown below.
  • Well, here iTunes will initiate the syncing method & begin the backing up data on your iPhone first. However, relying on the photo count & also device storage, so then It will take a few minutes in order to complete the sync.

Well, that is too much that there is to the syncing method.

Now, whether you go to the Photos application on your iPhone or iPad. So then you will also be able to access all the photos that you guys like chose to sync.

That being said, simply by using a wired connection in order to transfer content b/w your iOS & iPadOS device and the computer is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

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Whether you don’t wish to depend on your USB to Lightning cable straightforwardly transfer content. So then you probably like to turn on the Wi-Fi sync in iTunes to sync data wirelessly. Although just for this to work, simply both your PC & iPhone / iPad must be simply connected to the exact Wi-Fi network.

With the support of services like iCloud, Dropbox, & Google Drive, you guys do not have to use iTunes to transfer photos & videos anymore.

Whether you have launch iCloud on your Windows PC. So then you are also able to easily sync all locally saved photos with iCloud & access them on any Apple device that is logged into the exact iCloud account within few seconds. Otherwise, whether you are using a Mac, so then your photos get automatically synced across your iPhone & iPad with iCloud.

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Though Apple’s iTunes is a media & device management software. That is used to easily sync content with iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch as well. Simply using the wired or wireless connection. It is something Computer Apple utilizers have gotten accustomed simply to overtime, however, the application also has been phased out on the Mac.

Did you run to transfer/send all your pictures to your iPhone & iPad as well simply by syncing it with iTunes? Well, What do you guys think of this wired method to transfer content b/w your devices? Are you planning in order to switch to a wireless solution just like the iCloud for sending the media in the near future? So let us know your thoughts & as well as opinions in the comments section below.

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