Way to Type Degree Temperature Symbol in Mac OS X

 Type Degree TemperatureHave you ever pondered the way to type the temperature/degree symbol in Mac OS? However, typing the degrees symbol on Mac, or any other PC. So it probably looks like a giant mystery after all it is not instinctively available on any keyboard. So but it is really quite simple whether you know the accurate keyboard shortcut.

Basically, just two keyboard shortcuts are there for typing degree signs in MacOS. And Mac OS X, and you are also able to insert the degree temperature symbol into any Mac OS X application, however, where your cursor is locating just by hitting one of the following keystroke commands. Hanging that symbol you like to show:

Way to Type the Degree Symbols on Mac

  • Option+Shift+8 generates one just like this: Temperature Symbol: 85°
  • Option+K types a symbol also as: Degree Symbol: 24˚

However, these keystrokes are also general & supported just by everywhere you are able to type in Mac OS X. Similarly, it does not matter what app you are in on the Mac. Although as long as a text entry point is there, so you are also able to type the degree symbol, be it in Pages, Messages, Word, Safari, Chrome, or further text editor or word processor.

Way to Type the Temperature/Degree Symbol on Mac

For trying this out, you have to then head to any Mac application, however, where you are also able to type, like Messages, Notes, TextEdit, Pages, Microsoft Office.

  1. First of all go to an application where you are able to easily type on the Mac, like “TextEdit”, “Messages”, or “Pages”
  2. Here place your mouse cursor so that you are able to easily type into a text entry position normally
  3. Now press either of the keyboard shortcuts for typing out the degree temperature symbol:
    • Option + K
    • Option + Shift + 8

That’s now finished so you can also use either keyboard shortcut in order to type the temperature degree symbol. Yes, guys I usually also use Option + Shift + 8. Because that is what I incline towards remember the simplest. But use those which work for you.


Btw, you are also able to type the degree symbol in iOS on your iPhone or iPad with a little keyboard trick as well.

However, this is the straightforward thing though right? Alright, I just got an email from any relative, however, who was very annoyed. That they could not figure out the way to type the degree temperature symbol in Mac OS X. However, I organized about it for a second. But then realized I have been asked this question many times before especially from new switchers. So guys clearly some of the straightforward things just have a simple explanation.

Difference Between the 3 Degree Symbols on Mac

You probably notice that two keyboard shortcuts are there available and each of the two temperature symbols is slightly different from the other. But I couldn’t tell you that, why or what for (probably one for celsius, Fahrenheit, & kelvin?). So some people only use whichever one they like. Or probably be whatever symbol is simpler to remember with the keystroke. Amazingly whether you are running the text-to-speech engine on the Mac over both of the degree symbols. The OS identifies both as “degrees” with no differentiation between the two. Probably the difference is just available, simply with the one-degree symbol being a bit smaller than the other. But apart from that, whether it’s 35˚ outside. Now you are able to tell someone without typing out the complete word ‘degrees’, and that is a bonus, right?

However, receiving technical, differences between the three symbols are also there. Similarly, which looks like a degree symbol for temperature. If that is Fahrenheit, celsius, or kelvin, as typed on a Mac keyboard. However, they look exact, so that they are actually different symbols completely. Thus three methods to type it for a reason.


  1. First, Option + Shift + 8 is Degree for Temperature like °
  2. Second, Option + k is (spacing) Ring Above diacritic like ˚
  3. Third, Option + 0 is the Masculine Ordinal Indicator used in some languages (has a line under it in some fonts) like º

As a result, you technically would like to use the Option + Shift + 8 for degrees relating to temperature. But visibly the further symbols also look quite the same even whether they are different. And again, whether you run text-to-speech on the Mac with those symbols, and all are identified & also spoken as ‘degrees’ that makes that an amazing thing to note.

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Well, guys whether you know of any other way of typing out the degree symbol in Mac OS, so then please share it with us in the comments below. If you guys face any trouble by performing this or have queries so then you can ask using the comments section below.

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