Way to Update FireFox on Mac: Tutorial Guide

Update FireFox Pondering the way to update the Firefox web browser? Well, Guys, Firefox is a famous web browser & also some Mac fans probably use it as their default browser. Whether you are a Firefox user, so then you probably have checked that Firefox periodically updates itself instantly. But whether you are not leaving & reorganizing the application often you are able to also be stuck on an outdated version, which is also able to present a security problem.

However, just keeping web browsers up to date similarly, to the current version is nearly always suggested for security causes. And right now that is specifically essentially with Firefox. Because the US Department of Homeland Security also has acknowledged a Firefox security utilize that could cause the takeover of a targeted PC. And is thereupon desiring Firefox utilizers in order to update to 72.0.1 (or later) right away.

Well, Guys, this post will display you the way to manually update Firefox on macOS, a straightforward method to initiate whether you are unfamiliar.

Unlike updating applications just from the Mac App Store or also to update macOS system software in System Preferences, updating Firefox is complete directly within the Firefox app oneself.

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Update Firefox Web Browser on Mac

Here is the way to update Firefox on macOS:

  • Simply from the opened Firefox browser, you guys have to pull down the ‘Firefox’ menu & select the “About Firefox”
  • Now tap the “Update Now” button whether it is available. Whether you view “Firefox is up to date” so next you are already on the new versionUpdate FireFox
  • Though the Firefox will leave & reorganize automatically to complete the installation of an update

It is that too simple. However, just updating Firefox is typically quick. Although you guys should be back to browsing with Firefox promptly

Whether you are updating in order to avoid the security defect identified by DHS. Though you will like to be sure you are on Firefox 72.0.1 or later. Just going forward, so then you will also like to confirm that you guys keep Firefox up to date to prevent any further issues or potential security issues as well.

Updating Firefox probably be different than updating Safari. Which is control as a system update. But the update method is likely familiar just to those who also utilize Chrome. That is also update instantly (unless you guys turn off that capability). But able to also be manually updated via the Chrome menu too.

So that is the way in which you update Firefox on the Mac, pretty straight forward huh? Another option is visible too though & that is simply to download the current version of Firefox directly from Mozilla.

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Downloading the Newest Firefox from Mozilla

You are also able to get the current Firefox version just by downloading it directly from Mozilla & installing it manually:

  • Head to mozilla.org in order to download the current Firefox version

Simply download the current version of Firefox & drag it into your Apps folder on the Mac just to install it.

You are also able to use whichever procedure you favor to update Firefox. If that is from the application itself, or downloading the current version directly from Mozilla.

Whether you update Firefox simply by downloading the current version. And you are coming from a much previous version. So you do not surprise whether the interface looks different. Or whether some features are there that you are not familiar with. You probably even like in order to hide the Firefox organize the page clutter as explained here just to streamline the organized appearance a little. But that is wholly up to you.

ooh & just for the security conscious guys out there, whether you are updating Firefox just to patch a security hole. You happen to also be a TOR browser user so then you may like to update TOR. After all the TOR browser is based on Firefox as well.

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