Ways To Enable The Google Assistant LG V20 _ Guide

Google Assistant LG V20

You can also enable the Google Assistant LG V20. By using the LG V20 you can get root access and TWRP recovery that can help you. Also, you can now take advantage of the new root privileges in order to enable amazing stuff like Google Assistant on your V20.

If you want to enable the Google Assistant on LG V20 then you can only need to modify the build. prop file on your device. If you can do that using the TWRP recovery or with root access through a build. prop editor app.

About Google Assistant LG V20:

If the Google Assistant can roll out so that it can already for the devices. This is having an Android version 6.0 or in the higher and more and more handsets. Also, it can include in the already huge list. Now the people who want it into their Android device. They had to install all the Google Allo messaging app from Google Play Store. Also, this can no longer be needed in the case of owning LG’s V20 device.

By the old times, we also have to discover that this is in the Allo. If you can to ask for the Google Assistant questions by either typing @google. You can ask your question or by using your voice to dictate. This is just like the magic that will happen and Google Assistant will serve up results for or responses to your questions in Allo. Now again this is all conversational, so you can ask follow-up questions. Also, the thing that will go smoother than you might imagine. Then you just have to try all of these into your LG V20 then that is for sure.

Steps To Enable The Google Assistant LG V20:

  • You just have to make sure that your Android device can have either the TWRP recovery so that it can install it. You can also use the Root access enabled.
  • The Edit build. prop file: You can also add the opa.eligible_device=true file line in order to end the build. prop file on your Android device. If you can change the value of to. product.model entry in order to the Pixel such that it looks like this: ro.product.model=Pixel.
  • You can also reboot the device that can after by save changes in order to build. prop file.
  • Also, you can install the latest version of the Google app this is from either the Play Store or APK Mirror.
  • Now you can clear the Google App data:
    • You have to go to the Settings » Apps » Google app.
    • Now you can have the Clear app’s data on Android 6.0 and above. Then you can select the Storage » Manage space » and then tap on the CLEAR ALL DATA.
  • After that, you have to long-press on the Home button in order to bring up Google Assistant. In this case, if it does not work then give it some time and it will eventually work.

How You Can Easily Install It:

  • In the very first step, you have to take all the latest Google Play Services APK
  • Now you can find the APK you downloaded and then you can move it to your device’s in the internal/external storage.
  • Then you should also tick the box so that it can allow the 3rd-party application installation. This is from the Settings. Then you have to click on the Security > Unknown Sources.
  • After that, you just have to find where you saved the APK on your device.
  • This is also the time to open up the installation screen.
  • Click on the install button and then your update will begin.

Further More:

  • You have to enter into LG’s Settings.
  • Also, you can find your way to the Account. Then click on Gmail and then remove your current G-mail account.
  • Then you will also see an option there then click on the Add a New Account.  You just have to enter the details of the new Gmail account.
  • Now you must have to clear the cache and then data from the google Play service and Google App.
  • In the end, click on the Home button and then set up your Google AL.
  • When you know about the Google Assistant that can install. Then you are now ready to start using it.
  • In order to activate the Google Assistant that can either long press on the home button or say the magic words. The magic words are Ok, Google. Then the Google Assistant will also pop up on the screen with a Hi, how can I help your message.

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By using the LG V20 you can get root access and TWRP recovery that can help you. Also, you can now take advantage of the new root privileges in order to enable amazing stuff like Google Assistant on your V20.


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