Ways To Fix Unresponsive iOS 10 Touch Screen Not Working

 iOS 10 Touch Screen

Most of the time iOS 10 Touch Screen not working and the screen becomes unresponsive. The owners of an iPhone X may also discover it. So, that their screen is unresponsive seemingly at random. Then it can also swipe and then taps this on the screen. This can either and not register this at all. Then they have a severe lag and then there is also a notable delay. This is before the touch interaction completes. You can also Swipes and then the gesture also suddenly have a huge lag. Then you can also tap this on the screen that is either that you has to take moments to do anything.  Also, you can ignore them entirely.

So, that the iPhone X screen also freezes it completely. It will also become entirely unresponsive in order to get any engagement with the device at all.

Now, these are also rare issues also if they do happen in order to get a user. This is it and this can also understandably annoying. Luckily, there is also a simple solution available, and then if you can also discover that your iPhone X is randomly unresponsive. Also, the screen does not appear to be working. Now, you can also fix the problem fairly quickly.

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Details Of Unresponsive iOS 10 Touch Screen Not Working:

So, before this anything else you have to make sure that your iPhone X display is clean. Then there are not any of the poorly fitting screen protectors. In this case on the device that could also prevent the screen that is from being touch responsive. You can also Assume the iPhone X screen that is also clean. Then there is not any obstruction and then you are in the realm of the unresponsive display troubleshooting that we’ll cover here.

Then what is the best way to resolve an unresponsive iPhone X with a frozen display? So, The very good old fashion and then hard reboot! Yes indeed. This can also forcibly restarting iPhone X that will also cause the iPhone in order to reboot it. When once it also has booted back up again. Then the devices display and the touch interactions should also respond to all of the input as expected.

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Ways to Fix Frozen / Unresponsive iOS Touch Screen:

So, Here is how you can also quickly fix an unresponsive iPhone X. This will also be forcibly rebooting the device. You have to be sure that you have to follow the sequence. That can exactly properly initiate the forced reboot:

  1. You have to Press down the Volume Up button and then release.
  2. Then press down the Volume Down button and then release.
  3. You have to Hold down to the side Power / Lock button that can until getting. If you can also see the Apple logo that can also appear on the screen. So, that this can aso take about 10 seconds or so.
  4. When you will also see the Apple logo that is on the display. You can also release the Power button and then the device will also boot up as usual.

When the iPhone X also boot back up and then the screen should also instantly work. This is as you would also expect it to. So, that all of the touches should also be immediately recognize able. Then the touch gestures and also the swipes should be recognized as fluidly as usual.

It can also admittedly force that rebooting of a device. Then this is not the most elegant solution from this it can also work. From this, there is also a well known other solution and then it does not take too long. So, that it can perhaps get the best option available at the moment.

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How To Update iOS 10 Touch screen?

Then After that, if you have also forced this that is in your iPhone X to reboot. Now, you should also take a moment in order to update iOS to the latest version. Then at least you have to be sure that your device is also on the latest version available.

  1. You have to create the Back of the iPhone X. Then to create the backing up to iCloud is easy or you can backup to iTunes.
  2. Now, you have to open the “Settings” app and then you have to go to the “General” and then get into the “Software Update”.
  3. In this case, if an iOS software update is also available. Then download and then install it as usual.

After that, you can also install the latest version of iOS to iPhone X. This is also very important the reason is that each software update will also release it. It can also tend to include bug fixes. There are some of which may also get the remedy in the unresponsive screen issue.

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Reasons: Why does the iPhone X screen freeze or become unresponsive?

In this case, it is not entirely clear that why the iPhone screen can also become unresponsive to touch. Then swipes, gestures, and then the other touch will also input seemingly at random. Now, the Presumably that is also in the unresponsive screen issue that is also having the software related.

So, most of the time ago the Apple also have released this as an update to iOS that is for iPhone X versioned as iOS 11.1.2. This can specifically mention and then this is in the release notes the following:

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Important Notes:

“The Fixes an issue where the iPhone X screen also becomes temporarily unresponsive. In order to touch after a rapid temperature drop”.

Now, there are also various reports that are online, and then that has the iPhone X screen. So, that it can become unresponsive or frozen if the device is also in a cold environment.  Now, in these situations, you can also install the iOS updates that may resolve the problem.

Also, the skepticism of temperature that also being the only cause of an unresponsive screen is also warranted. The reason is that I also have personally experienced the unresponsive screen issue on my own iPhone X. So, that this is in an indoor temperature that can also control the environment at a pleasant 72 degrees. During the running of iOS 11.2.6.

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This is also reasonably likely that the iPhone X screen is also occasionally frozen. Then it will also become unresponsive due to some of the particular software issues. So, that whether it is also a bug that is in a particular app, or iOS itself. Then whether there is some daemon that is also running in the background and then suddenly consuming excessive resources. This can also lead up to the device in order to become so slow. So, that it can also appear in the unresponsive of frozen. The reason is that the screen also becomes responsive again after a hard reboot then this makes sense.

In the end, if it is worth mentioning that this is because the iPhone X is also fairly new. So, that the device is also covered that is under the regular Apple Warranty. In this case, if you are also experiencing constant freezing or unresponsive screen issues. Now, the above tips of updating iOS and forced rebooting are not resolving the problem for you.

It is also possible that you want to consider reaching out directly to an official Apple Support channel. Now, Unresponsive screens are also not common but they are also not entirely rare. Then there is also a similar issue that happened with iPhone 6s models a while back. Also, this is as well as occasionally on iPhone 7 and other iPhones too. This can often get and then by also requiring a hard reboot. The software update, or even a system restore. So, this is all about the iOS 10 touch screen.


This can either and not register this at all. Then they have a severe lag and then there is also a notable delay. This is before the touch interaction completes. You can also Swipes and then the gesture also suddenly have a huge lag. Then you can also tap this on the screen that is either that you has to take moments to do anything.

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So, Did these tips help you to fix your unresponsive iPhone X screen? Now, Do you have another solution for this issue? Kindly, let us know your experience in the comments below.

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