What is Microsoft Visio Used for and What Is It?

If you guys own a copy of MS Office, then there is a chance you already have this software program installed on your PC. That said, the name’s probably not familiar to you. That is why you have not yet felt the inclination to open Visio and explore its advantages in more detail. We are going to discuss What is Microsoft Visio Used for and What Is It?

Well, the thing that might surprise you is that Visio has around for some time, along with its latest version has created in 2016 actually. Primarily it’s also used to produce diagrams or pictures, which means that its application can be used in order to support a wide spectrum of different needs as well.

What Is Visio | What is Microsoft Visio Used for?

Visio is actually a Microsoft Windows base diagramming software that basically includes templates and symbols. That allows its users to create flowcharts, organizational charts, floor plans, network diagrams, mind maps, infographics, and much more. Visio is actually part of the Microsoft Office software suite, although it sells as a stand-alone program as well.

Well, Visio was first released by the Visio Corporation (known then as the Shapeware Corp.). In 1992 and it is acquire via Microsoft in 2000. Visio is primarily sold as downloadable software, however, releases an online version in 2017 also. Well, there are no native Mac OS versions of Visio as well.

The Visio 2013 welcome screen features a dozen different templates to let you start. Each and every template equips you with the appropriate menu and objects already open and also ready for use as well. Even you can also find more, templates in specific categories within the application, or from Visio’s online download page as well.

Visio’s primary clientele have Enterprise users at the corporate level actually. If you guys think about it, then it is not too often that the home user needs to write up professional diagrams too. Mostly, a paper and pen will suffice as a home user’s diagram is not send out to the whole department. That’s why Visio has always considered a program for “serious” diagrams, however, it does not have to be.

We can also use Visio to create 3D map diagrams, though the built-in tools for this have limit. It works really well for simple maps that you might print on a brochure or campus directory as well.

History of Visio

Visio version 1.0 was basically released in 1992 by the Shapeware Corporation. Visio was the first product that shipped by Shapeware, because the company had only incorporated 3 years earlier in 1989. However, as Visio software grew in popularity and recognition, Shapeware changed its name in 1995 to the Visio Corporation in order to match their burgeoning diagramming software.

Well, in 2000, Microsoft acquired Visio (the company and the software) in a stock swap, along with the deal estimate to worth $1.5 billion at the time. That makes it Microsoft’s largest acquisition of the time. There have approximately 16 versions of Visio released from its inception. Interestingly enough, Visio released versions 12 and 14, however, never a version 13 because of superstitious fears surrounding the number 13.

Visio Diagram Types

There are many different types of diagrams you can make using Microsoft Visio. Let’s have a look at some of the more popular uses for Visio.



what is microsoft visio used for

Flowcharts basically show a visual sequence of steps and decisions for a process. Normally using shapes in order to show the steps and arrows to show the progression from one step to another actually. The flowchart is a generic term, and can also include process flows, process maps, workflows, and flow diagrams as well.

Organizational Charts

what is microsoft visio used for

Organizational charts, or org charts, actually show the reporting relationships and hierarchies within an organization actually. They can show that who reports to who, as well as the overall hierarchy from top to bottom in order to help with planning and management also. Organizational charts are also known as hierarchy charts, structure charts and organograms as well.

Floor Plans

what is microsoft visio used for

Floor plans are scale drawings that basically show the footprint or cross-section of a building or other structure too. They are basically to make sure proper sizing as well as the location of rooms and all other items. Such as furniture, relative to one another actually. We also know the floor plans as house plans, blueprints, architectural plans, building plans, and also schematics as well.

Mind Maps

mind maps

The mind maps are basically the diagrams that show the connection between ideas through grouping and connecting related ideas to the overall topic(s) at hand. Mind maps make for effective planning and brainstorming tools as well. Mind maps are also known as concept maps actually.

Charts and Graphs

what is microsoft visio used for

Well, a staple of Excel, however, also includes in Visio, charts, and graphs, we can see in almost each and every business presentation. They are to represent data visually in a way that actually makes the information that presents easier to understand as well. Common examples also include bar charts, line charts, and pie charts as well.

Gantt Charts

Well, a common diagram in project management and planning is actually a Gantt chart. Gantt charts show individual tasks in a project, their start and end dates. The folks assigned to the tasks as well as all other information relevant to the project. However, Microsoft also develops Project, and dedicated project planning software, also Visio still includes rudimentary project planning templates as well.

Network Diagrams

The network diagrams basically use symbols and lines in order to show the structure, nodes, and connections for a location’s computer network. Network diagrams are useful to understand which nodes are a part of which network. However, can also be useful in understanding how computer data flow via an organization as well.

network diagram

Well, overall, Visio is just a diagram tool, and it is not a free one either. At $299 for normal Edition and $589.99 for Professional, it can instantly put a deep hole in your pocket. So unless you are a hardcore diagram composer, it might not be worth the investment actually. Well, on the other hand, if you guys are looking for a tool in order to make a flowchart or casual diagram once in a while. Then I’d recommend our guide to make Flowcharts in Microsoft word, or checking out the free web app Lovely Charts as well.


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