Why Does Android Phone Randomly Keeps Rebooting: Fix

Most Android users ask this question that “Why does their Android randomly keeps rebooting itself?”However, it is not just the issue of one Android device. It occurs in every Android device and I have owned has had this issue.

Android Keeps rebooting

Why Does Android Phone Randomly Keeps Rebooting:

A few common causes are also there in your Android probably restart on its own. So let’s take a view on them and see whether this is capable to fix. This guide is related to “Why Does Android Phone Randomly Keeps Rebooting: Fix”, so now we will try to fix it.

Reason no. 1: Bad Apps

Random restarts are often caused by the poor quality of the app. Here you have to try to uninstall those apps that are not in use. Now confirm the apps that you do use are efficient. As well as those apps that control the email or text message. One of my friends currently discovered his Galaxy S5 would restart occasionally. However, at the time when he gets a text message. Similarly, switching from the Verizon Messaging app to Hangouts for text messaging fixed that problem.

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Although now you probably also contain an app that is running in the background and causing the Android to randomly restart. Simply when a background app is the doubted cause, so then you must try the following, in the order listed:

  1. First of all, you have to uninstall those apps that you are not necessarily need. Then this goes especially for any apps that are able to handle the sound, ringtones, wallpaper, have amazing widgets, or use GPS.
  2. Here confirm all the apps simply that are on the latest version. Now you have to upgrade everything that you have from the Play Store by heading to the “Menu” > “Settings” > “My Apps“.
  3. At this point, you must have to uninstall apps. Similarly, which is just able to run in the background. Now from a fresh restart, you must have to head to the “Settings” > “More…” > “Applications” > “Running“. Furthermore, whether you view anything listed you can live without, uninstall it. Whether you are not able to even uninstall it, so then freeze the app whether capable.

Reason no. 2: System Apps Are turn off

Have you ever play around with turning off the Android apps? Whether you go so much far and then turned off all the apps that are needed in order to run the Android OS. Similarly, it probably is causing your restarting problem. Here you have to view under the “Settings” > “Applications” and also swipe over to the list of apps that are “Turned Off” or “Disabled” and you have to here turn on any apps. Although that may require your device to function accurately.

Reason no. 3: Overheating (Android Phone Randomly Keeps Rebooting)

Although many Android devices create in order to shut off automatically. Whether they become too hot. Or whether you have your device out on a 100-degree day. Whilst trying to use 4G, GPS, and the screen is set to the brightest setting, it probably restarts itself or shut down. So you have to try to take it easy and probably be turn off the features that you do not have/require.

Thus overheating shutdowns shouldn’t be a frequent issue though. Or whether your device is overheating frequently, so then contact the retailer or enhancer about it.

Reason no. 4: Loose Battery

Naturally, this issue just happens on devices with a detachable battery. My Droid 1 and Samsung Galaxy S4 were well known for immediately restarting. Occasionally they would shut off and never turn back on. It turned out that in both cases, the battery was coming a bit lose. Just a slight jab at the device would quickly unseat, then re-seat the battery, causing it to reset.

However, the most common cause for this is the hinder cover has become slightly bent and is no longer having the battery into place. Similarly, another cause is the gold battery connectors are bent out of shape. Over time, the connectors probably get worn down.

Just two ways are there to solve an issue with a loose battery:

  • For doing this you have to, first of all, buy some mounting tape. So next you have to affix a small piece to an area of the rear cover so that it grasps the battery into place better.
  • Now at this point, you have to disable the device, here remove the rear case, and unseat the battery. Now adjust the battery connector pins. Whether it is possible, you must use a small screwdriver to prying the connectors into a position where they will make the best contact with the battery.

Reason no. 5: Corrupted System Software

Although occasionally the Android system software that is able to even gets corrupted. Whether you are using a custom Android ROM, you must have to try various version of the ROM or another type of ROM altogether. Or whether you are not using a custom ROM. Now your just option probably is to try a factory reset of the device. Here you must look out though, a factory reset will remove data from your device. Thus on most Android devices, you are also able to perform a factory reset. However, by heading to “Settings” > “Backup & reset” > “Reset device“.

Reason no. 6: Stuck Button

Therefore occasionally the “Power” button is also able to get some water or gunk stuck in it. Here you must confirm that nothing is stuck in the button opening. Now confirm your case is not putting pressure on the button at all.

Reason no 7: Faulty Hardware

Whether everything that is mention above has been tried. And your Android is still randomly restarting itself, now you probably just have a worse device. You can easily contact the retailer or its developer about the issue. Now you probably not have that option. Whether you have a custom Android ROM installed. Now, in that case, you probably like to take your queries to the maker of your specific ROM.

Recovery Mode

You have to perform this step. You would be to try restarting the device in recovery mode. Confirm that your data is back up, however, by using Android Data Extraction as the below-mention steps that probably result in loss of data.

For doing this you have to power off the device holding the volume button up, home button, and power button at the same time. Similarly, when you feel the phone vibrate, that is able to release the power button until you view the Android System Recovery available on your screen. Now you must release all buttons and you will then are also able to easily factory reset the device and clear all CACHE data.

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Why Does Android Phone Randomly Keep Rebooting-Conclusion

The issue that we have explained above occurs in every Android device and I have owned has had this issue. A few common causes are also there in your Android probably restart on its own. And we hope that the solution that we have mentioned for you in the above guide you will understand. In case of any questions, you can ask us in the comments below.

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