Why Is My Phone Stuck In Safe Mode?

Are you looking for a fix if your phone stuck in a safe mode? It looks like a common issue for all Android users that it might get stuck in Safe Mode. While in Safe Mode, you can’t do much on the device as some of the software requirements aren’t loaded. Your device says “No Service” or have issues executing apps. App icons might also appear grayed out.

Don’t fret though. We’ve mentioned different ways that you must try to get your Android out of Safe Mode. The workarounds to get out of Safe Mode can depend on each device. Here are some possible methods that work with some devices.f

Phone Stuck In Safe Mode – How To Fix It

Phone Stuck In Safe Mode

These are the possible methods that you must try to fix the issue:

Switch Off Completely

Switch off completely after hitting and holding the “Power” button, then choose “Power off“. Do NOT choose “Restart” or “Reboot”. Lots of Android devices stay in Safe Mode if you choose “Restart” or “Reboot”.

When the device is switched off, wait for 2 minutes, then enable the device again.

Check Stuck Buttons

This is the most common reason for being stuck in Safe Mode. Safe Mode is usually turned on after hitting and holding a button when the device is initiating. Some common buttons you must hold are the volume up, down, or menu buttons. If any of these buttons are stuck or the device creates issues and registers a button is being pressed, it will then continue to begin in the Safe Mode.

Make sure none of the buttons are held down after an accessory or a foreign object. You just erase the device out of its case and make sure that’s it’s not the cause. Just push each button on the device to examine if they stick in any way. You might want to clean the buttons using a damp cloth in some situations.

Pull The Battery (If Possible)

If the power down doesn’t work, then all you need to do is to pull the battery if you have a removable battery. Then wait a while before putting the battery back into the compartment and switch on the device.

Recently Installed Apps? Uninstall

If the above workaround didn’t work, then a recently installed app might be the culprit to start in Safe Mode. Head over to “Settings” > “Apps” and uninstall any recently installed or updated apps, then switch off the device and restart.

Clear Cache Partition (Dalvik Cache)

The Android operating system saves data in a cache partition. That data can certainly cause your Android to be in Safe Mode. Steps for wiping the cache partition can vary using each device. Just consult the documentation given to your device about how to enter into the Recovery Mode.

Factory Reset

If you still face the problem after using all the steps mentioned above, you might want to factory reset your mobile. However, it can be done by moving to “Settings” > “Backup & reset”. This will wipe all your data off of the device and then again set it back to its default factory state. This is an unfortunate last resort if your issue can’t be fixed alternatively.

Hardware Issue

After trying all of the above workarounds to resolve your Android, you are most likely searching for a hardware problem using your device. It’s possible the mechanism that controls the buttons is broken. Also, it becomes some other internal hardware problem. At this point, your best way is to contact your device manufacturer or carrier for a replacement.


Do you think this article helps you to get your mobile out of Safe Mode? Let us know which method worked for you in the comments below!

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